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Never been to an MBAA meeting? Join us at one of the following events. You’ll have a great meal, hear entertaining speakers, and meet a friendly group of people who make up St. Louis’ brewing industry. Our meetings are on the third Thursday of the month in January, February, March, April, October and November. All of our meetings begin at 5pm with a Social Hour. For members, the cost for the meeting is $30 for the entire event, including dinner. It’s $20 if you will attend the reception and business meeting only.

April Monthly Meeting


April 16, 2020
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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Online, Virtual Meeting


Yes, we are having our April Technical Meeting, just in an online only format.

This meeting was scheduled to be hosted and have beer sponsored by 2nd Shift Brewing. Since we can't physically meet there this year, we would encourage you to pick up some of their beer (look here) and enjoy it while participating in the meeting and ask that in lieu of meeting registration that everyone make a donation so that we can still provide our financial commitment to 2nd Shift versus canceling outright. We also are shifting the schedule (the 2nd Shift for the meeting!) due to the change in format, here is the schedule.

  • 6:00pm - Virtual Happy Hour
                 Online meeting will open for people to connect, chat (& get a bit crazy we're sure).
  • 6:30pm - District Business Meeting
  • 7:00pm - Technical Presentation by Matt Garcia


Special Registration Note for local District St. Louis Members: We are working on trying to do something special for you, so if you register on or before next Thursday, April 9th, that would be greatly appreciated.

As we continue to pursue our mission of being the recognized leader in brewing education and technical information we will learn about dissolved oxygen and where to look for oxygen intrusion.The technical speaker this month will be Matt Garcia, Industry Development Manager for Anton Paar USA presenting on this topic.

High oxygen content in the package is detrimental to the shelf life and flavor of your beer.  Measuring dissolved oxygen in the package can identify how filling system modifications can improve total package oxygen.  Knowing where the higher amount of dissolved oxygen is located, head space or liquid space, can determine where to look for improving the total package oxygen.  We will discuss the measurement techniques of total package oxygen and how they relate to dissolved oxygen measurements.  Then we will look at the meaning of the results and what that can tell us about diagnosing the problem point.

  Matt is the Industry Development Manager for Anton Paar USA.  His background is in Chemistry and gave him the foundation for where he is today.  After graduation, he spent 3 years as a polymer chemist in a quality lab, where he found out that he could sell instrumentation instead of working for them.  Since then, he has sold analytical instruments over the past 12 years in various roles.  For the past 8 years he has worked closely with the Beverage Industry to resolve analytics in the lab and process. 

NOTE: We will offer at least one pre-meeting time to perform connection test. Details to be distributed to registered participants.

How to join a WebEx meeting can be found here.


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