Scholarship Information

MBAA District St. Louis Scholarship

Announcement and Guidelines

The MBAA District St. Louis Board are pleased to announce our annual Scholarship opportunity. One or more scholarships totaling up to $2,000 may be awarded by the committee, as determined by the District Vice President. These scholarships will be granted at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee. The number and dollar amount of the scholarships will be based on the merit of the applications received. Please review and prepare the following prior to submitting application.


  • A member in good standing of the MBAA and a home member of District St. Louis (qualified member) or a member of the immediate family of qualified member.


  • Name of applicant. If applicant is not a qualified member then the name of the immediate family member that is a qualified member must also be provided.

  • The name of the institution offering the opportunity.

  • Name(s) and description(s) of the coursework to be taken.

  • The amount of the scholarship request and justification for the amount (i.e. cost of tuition, books and fees).

  • A description of how the course will contribute to the development of the applicant’s future in the brewing industry. (One page essay preferred, which is approximately 500 words.)

  • Applications must be submitted online via the provided form. Click here to access.


  • Scholarship awards will be acknowledged via an e-mail from the sitting District Vice President within 30 days of the award date stating that the scholarship will either be accepted or denied.

  • If the scholarship is accepted then the recipient must confirm via e-mail stating that they agree to meet the requirements of the scholarship identified below.


  • The qualified member must remain a member in good standing of MBAA until the course is completed.

  • The recipient must complete the course identified in the application within one year of the award date.

  • The recipient agrees to present a summary of the learning results at an MBAA District St. Louis meeting after completion of the course. The date of the presentation will be coordinated by the board.

  • Confirmation of course completion must be provided to the Scholarship Committee.


Payment will be made after completion of the course. Master Brewers District St. Louis will reimburse the scholarship recipient directly, up to the scholarship amount, based on actual costs incurred. Proof of payment of costs identified in the justification for the scholarship amount must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee.

The scholarship committee will announce the results of the awards and scholarships that the next regularly scheduled meeting.

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